“Arcadia: Hub of Health” for Pasadena Weekly (Advertorial)

March 2010

Arcadia has a little bit of everything. The old world culture and excitement of Santa Anita Park, a luxurious shopping mall that continues to improve, and the culinary wonderland of Restaurant Row and authentic Asian eateries.

But Arcadia is also home to places that serve a variety of health concerns in a comfortable, caring environment without sacrificing professionalism and quality of care.

For instance, Parklane Dental provides that beautiful smile everyone wants with services like mercury-free tooth fillings as well as cosmetic dentistry like veneers and teeth whitening.

But if you’re putting off a trip to the dentist due to fear of the unknown—or maybe the known after sub-par dental visits elsewhere—everything at Parklane Dental will put you at ease, from the service you receive from your first phone call, to the décor and expertise you encounter at your appointment.

“You don’t feel like this is a dental office,” says manager Julianna Kwok. “It’s more like a spa.”

For over 30 years, Dr. Richard Salsbury, D.D.S. has provided excellent dental care for patients of all ages. He has successfully completed at least 7000 cases and performs various traditional dental procedures.

Dr. Eric To, D.D.S. specializes in cosmetic dentistry, is a former U.S.C. School of Dentistry instructor and received his doctorate in dental surgery from Columbia University.

“We use the newest technology and everything is digital so we are practically paperless,” says Kwok.

The prospect of a spa-like dental experience with a friendly staff and expert doctors may already bring a smile to your face. It’s no wonder they receive so many referrals and some people travel a significant distance to make sure that smile stays gleaming.

Hearing is something most people take for granted but it’s such a vital part of life that any hearing loss begs to be addressed. No one wants to conjure images of an old-timer with an ear horn continually shouting “What?!”

Thankfully, the options for hearing care are much more advanced and far less conspicuous.

Enter Hearing Science of Arcadia. Their state-of-the-art technology includes hearing loss testing as well as hearing aid and assistive listening devices when needed.

“We will work with you to find the hearing solution that best fits your individual needs and budget,” says audiologist Anne E. Przybyla, Au.D.

Colleague Miles E. Peterson, Ph.D, has over 20 years of experience and teaches related courses at CSULA.

“We also offer counseling for hearing loss on how to communicate with family and help others realize you have an impairment,” says office manager Marie Smith. “It’s not a handicap that can’t be helped.”

Hearing Science caters to all ages and two of its staff are bilingual, while Dr. Peterson knows sign language, so it is a welcoming environment for everyone.

Also excelling across the field, Arcadia Radiology Medical Group began over 40 years ago and is accredited by the American College of Radiology in addition to having a team of experienced radiologists board certified by the American Board of Radiology.

“To receive our ACR certification, the center went through rigorous tests,” says Director of Marketing for Arcadia Radiology Medical Group Nikki Ngo. “Some facilities may be certified in mammography and not in other areas but we are certified in all areas.”

That includes MRI, CT, Digital Mammography, X-Ray, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy.

Arcadia Radiology not only boasts experienced doctors that are well known in the community, but they are a one-stop shop of sorts since they have screening and diagnostic imaging services. So whether a patient is getting screened as a preventative measure or has been referred by a doctor for diagnostic imaging, it can all be done in the same building.

At the end of April, the group is opening Arcadia Women’s Imaging Center, which will focus on a woman’s privacy and comfort, offer brand new equipment, and conveniently share a parking lot with the current center.

“Everyone who walks through that door has a question mark about what is going on with their health, so we want to make them feel as comfortable as possible,” says Ngo.

So no matter what the wellbeing concern is in our complex bodies, Arcadia can provide a healthy dose of compassionate treatment.

Parklane Dental. 815 West Naomi Avenue, Suite L. 
Arcadia, 91007. (626) 445-3388. parklanedental.com

Hearing Science of Arcadia. 711 W. Camino Real, Suite 200. Arcadia, 91007. (626) 574-0437. hearing-science.com

Arcadia Radiology Medical Group. 612 W. Duarte Rd. Suite 101. Arcadia, 91007. (626) 445-4850. arcadiaradiology.com


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